What is the Kraepelin Test and Why Do People Take It?


Understanding the Kraepelin test is one of the many ways that people around the world use to test their psychological health. Most Indonesians may be too used to number-based psychological tests called "psychotest"

When applying to school, for a scholarship, or even when applying for a job, you may have to take a test like this. Because this test is coming up quickly, it's important that you know a little more about it.

Getting to know the Kraepelin test, its purpose, and how it works

Kraepelin is a type of psychological test that has been around since the 19th century. The numbers on this test are set up in a random order. Emilie Kraepelin, a well-known German psychiatrist, came up with the idea of the Kraepelin test. The other name for this test is the "newspaper test. This is because the paper for the Kraepelin test is wide and looks like a newspaper.

Emilie Kraepelin first used this test as a way to tell who was normal and who wasn't. In its development, the Kraepelin test is used by many companies and the military to choose candidates and place employees or members of the military in the right jobs.

What the Kraepelin Test is for

In general, the Kraepelin test is used to find out how well and how much potential a potential employee has within a certain amount of time. In particular, the following is the point of knowing it.

1. Being resilient requires concentration.

An examiner will ask people taking the Kraepelin test to add up several sets of numbers in a very short amount of time. Even though it's not too hard, the fact that you only have a short amount of time to solve a problem will really test your resilience.

So, HRD usually uses the results of this test to figure out how a person would do if they had to do a lot of different jobs with different problems in a very short amount of time.

2. What motivates people?

One reason why many companies like to use Kraepelin tests is because of this aspect of motivation. The goal of this part is to find out how motivated a person is and how strong their will is to solve all problems in the right way.

3. The Emotional Side

This one psychological test measures not only how long a person can keep going and how well they can focus, but also how they feel. How well a person can keep their emotions in check can be seen when they are put under pressure, like when they have to answer questions as quickly as possible.

4. Things to consider about adaptability and stability

The next thing the Kraepelin test can tell you about a person is how adaptable and stable they are. The results of the Kraepelin test will show how well a person can adapt to a new job or new problems that they have never seen before. The Kraepelin Test's different types and sets of questions can also be used to measure a person's mental stability, such as their mood.

The Kraepelin Test: How to Do It

Just like any other test, the Kraepelin has a set of rules for how it should be done. The Kraepelin Test is done in the following way:

  • This test has 60 rows and 45 columns, each of which has a row of 0–9 numbers. 
  • This test can be taken in a total of 20 minutes. Here's what else you need to know. 
  • It takes 4 minutes to fill out the personal information form. 
  • Instructions for the test will only be given for 2 minutes. 
  • For practice, the sample questions are usually very short, taking only 1 minute. The test questions, on the other hand, will take 12 minutes and 30 seconds.


People taking the Kraepelin test must add up a series of numbers next to each other, starting from the bottom and going up. After that, you have to write the result of the addition between the two numbers that were added earlier on the right side.

If the sum is more than 10, participants only need to write down the unit digits. For example, if the answer to the sum is 15, then the person only needs to write the number 5. Then, every 30 seconds or so, the boss will tell everyone to move. So, at that point, the person must move right away to the next column. You don't have to answer the rest of the questions so that there aren't any gaps between the columns later on.

If you make a mistake and want to change it, just cross out the number and write your new answer to the right of it. These are some short explanations of what the Kraepelin test is, what it's for, how it works, and how to understand it. It will be very helpful before you take this psychological test if you can understand it.