This is an example of a function and 9 conditions for the Kraepelin test, which you must know.

You might already know about the Kraepelin test. This kind of test has been used a lot, so it is well known all over the world. Kraepelin is also one of the types of tests that may have been popular at the time. The name of this test might sound more familiar even in Indonesia. This is because this psychological test really does just use a piece of paper.

How could you not recognize it? This kind of test is used by almost everyone, whether it's to sign up for school, get a scholarship, or apply for a job. Since many people use this kind of test now, you should start learning it right away. Since you know this test is important, studying never hurts.

Here are the definitions, purposes, and examples of the Kraepelin Test's provisions that you need to know.

because the Kraepelin test will also have a big impact on education and work in the future. So, it's good to know what the word means. What are some tips for taking the test? Since not everyone knows, it is very important that you all read this article together.

What is the psychological test of Kraepelin?

One kind of test has been around since the 1800s and has numbers in a random order. While this type of test was named after the German psychiatrist who came up with it, Emilie Kraepelin, the name came from a different source. The name of this test comes from the fact that it looks like a piece of paper, like a newspaper. Emilie used to use this test to tell the difference between normal and abnormal people, but as technology improved, This test is used by a lot of companies and the military to pick people to work for them.

What Happens When You Take the Kraepelin Test?

The Kraepelin test is often used as part of the hiring process, especially to learn about a candidate's personality. While some of this test's functions will be explained in more detail below,

When the total is very low, it shows that a person has signs of mental depression. 
Kraepelin's results will also show a sharp graph, which means that short-term memory loss could happen during the test. When Kraepelin makes a mistake, it could be because he or she was thinking about something else. When working on Kraepelin, if the results show a wide range of graphics, this could be a sign that someone is emotionally disturbed.

One Example of the Kraepelin Psychological Test

When you are trying to get a job and are asked to take this test, Then you'll be given a piece of paper with a random set of 0–9 numbers already written on it. so that all the answers you write down will show what your personality is like.

How do you know how to work on a Kraepelin sheet?

Next, we'll talk about how to take this test, even though it's just a piece of paper. You have to be careful about how you do it because the results will shape who you are. The test also has a number of rules you need to know. Are you interested in this discussion?

  • In a Kraepelin test, there will be 45 columns and 60 rows with numbers from 0 to 9 in each row. 
  • Then, it will take about 20 minutes to finish this test in full. 
  • You have four minutes to fill out your name and address, and two minutes to give instructions. 
  • Then, you'll have 1 minute to answer practice questions, and you'll have 12 minutes and 30 seconds to work on them. 
  • This test will be given to everyone, and they will have to add up the numbers from bottom to top that are next to each other. 
  • Then, participants will write down the result of the addition, with the location on the right between the two numbers that were added. 
  • If the total is greater than 10, you only have to write down the unit digits. 
  • Then, every 30 seconds, the supervisor will say "Move," and everyone will have to move to the next column right away. 
  • If you make a mistake and want to change it, just cross it out and write a new answer on the right side.

This article explains in detail what the Kraepelin test is, how it works, and what some of the conditions are. You can learn from the review above, and we hope it helps.