The Kraepelin Test is the most popular occupational psychological test. Here's what it is and what it's for

Those of you who have tried to get a job at a company before know about the Kraepelin test. This is because the test is a standard work-related psychological test that the company knows well. It will feel unfinished even without this test.

An explanation of the Kraepelin test

We will give you a full explanation of what the Kraepelin test is so that you can learn more about it. Kraepelin is named after the German psychiatrist who came up with it, Emilie Kraepelin. Since the 1800s, this test has been used as a psychological test for jobs.

When it was first used, the person who made it used it to tell the difference between people who were abnormal and those who were normal. It's just that more and more people are using this test as time goes on. The Kraepelin test is used by many companies and even the military today.

Not only does it have a wide reach, but it also does a lot. With these basic functions, this test makes it easier to hire and place people in certain jobs. So, companies can hire people whose interests, skills, and passions match their needs.

The Kraepelin test is also called the newspaper test, which is important to know. This is because the test has a set of numbers that are put together to make a graph. Even though it looks hard, this test is actually easy to pass. Because you only need to add up the two closest numbers from 0 to 9 to get the answer.

What is the Kraepelin Test for?

With the above definition, this test is usually given for more than one reason. What do they mean? Check out the full review down below.

1. determining how consistent work is

One goal is to see how consistent the work is. This is because you only have a short amount of time to do the math on the Kraepelin test. This test will tell you how long you can keep doing a task and how steady you are at it based on how much time you have. It can be seen if you give up easily or if you keep going until the job is done.

2. Understanding how motivated potential employees are

The next Kraepelin test will make it easier for companies to figure out how interested potential employees are in their jobs. It also talks about the problems and risks that may come up because of the work.

People who want to work can, of course, solve all the problems that come up in their work if they are very motivated. This will work better if there is a balance between motivation and strong will. Of course, the company needs this very much for the business to run smoothly.

3. Develop emotional stability

The Kraepelin test is a good way to find out how emotionally stable job candidates are. This test will show the company if the candidate can keep his emotions in check when he has to deal with stressful situations at work. This test also makes it easier for businesses to figure out what skills they have.

4. Assessing Adaptability

It's also important for you to know that the Kraepelin test can be used to figure out how adaptable potential workers are. Whether it's getting used to the environment or learning how to do things for work in the future, If the person applying for a job is flexible, the work he does will be more productive and help the company.

5. Determine the level of stability

It is very important for companies to use the Kraepelin test when they are looking for new employees. This is because this test has been shown to be a good way to figure out how stable a potential worker is. So it makes sense that HRD gives this test to every person who wants to work for the company.

6. Identifying your personality

The Kraepelin test is also used to find out about people's personalities. This test is used to find out what kind of person a potential worker is. During the hiring process at a company, a written test is used to find out this kind of information about the person. So, HRD will have a better idea of whether or not the candidate is a good fit for the company. People who want to work for the company will definitely be picked based on how well they fit in with the business they are running.

The company puts a lot of stock in the Kraepelin test. When companies see what this test is for and how it works, they will feel very lucky and smart for putting it in place. Without this test, companies have a high chance of hiring the wrong people. When people are careless at work, it's clear that the company will suffer.