Talent Interest Test, Recognize the Potential of the Right Major

Did you know, based on research results, as many as 87% of students in Indonesia feel wrong about taking majors? Therefore, the aptitude test is a smart solution for those of you who are confused about which major to choose when entering college.

You can take this test by answering several simple questions related to yourself. That way, you will know and get to know your strengths and weaknesses better. So, you can determine and choose a major and even a career that suits your personality directly.

The Importance of Taking an Aptitude Test

Over time, the need for a student to find out the right college major for him continues to increase. Yes, that's the basic capital for students to prepare for entering college.

Even so, not a few students still feel doubtful or don't even know what major they want to take or take later. Many choices of college majors. However, often the many choices cause students to become more confused.

Well, the question now is why many students are there still who are confused when determining and choosing a college major. What makes them feel confused? The answer is quite simple, namely because students do not know for sure about their talents and interests.

Talent itself is a gift or gift that comes from God since a person is born. While interest is the tendency of a person's heart to like something. Sometimes, talents and interests don't go hand in hand. The reason is, some people have talent in a field, but he is not interested. And vice versa.

Talent can influence a person to his interest in something. Sometimes, a person does not necessarily know that he has talent in a field. He was only interested in that field, without knowing if he also had talent in the same field.

Recognizing Your Potential with Aptitude Test

The next question is how to know or recognize someone's talents and interests correctly. When a person is young, his talents and interests can be seen through parents' observations of the things that the child likes.

Meanwhile, when children reach the age of teenagers who already tend to enjoy various fields, children often find it difficult to determine which things they are most interested in. The reason is children may feel they have an interest in all fields.

Therefore, one of the most accurate ways to find out students' talents and interests is through an aptitude interest test. Yes, recognizing your interests and talents, will be the basic capital in choosing the right college major.

Interests and aptitudes and personality tests have an important role in career planning. Because both can help provide an overview of a person's character, strengths, weaknesses, talents, and abilities.

Through interest and aptitude tests, students can find out more about their potential, including their strengths and weaknesses. Both in terms of personality and academically. By taking interest and aptitude tests, students will also be more focused on finding out the interests that match their talents. Students become aware of college majors that match their talents and interests.

For this reason, aptitude and interest tests are important psychological tests to do. Because it can help students to understand and be confident in determining college majors. That way, students who feel they choose the wrong major can be minimized.