Common Types of Personality Tests That Are Used to Hire People for Jobs!

personality tests that are used to pick people for jobs

There are different kinds of personality tests that are used to pick people for jobs. Every person who wants to work for a big company will usually have to take this personality test.

The real reason for this test is to find out what kind of person the potential employee is. Companies will be able to find out quickly what kind of people they are hiring. Whether or not you pass will also depend on how you do on this personality test.

Well, there are a few different kinds of personality tests that people often take. The list is here!

Here are the kinds of personality tests that are used to hire people for jobs!

Each person has their own unique personality. Do you know what it means to be a person? Personality is a group of unique traits and characteristics.

This person's personality will have a big effect on how they act or think. Because of this, it's very helpful to know a person's inner self. When hiring people, personality is also important to a lot of companies.

Most of the time, they do a personality test to find out who someone is. Personality tests are basically an offshoot of the field of psychometrics and a mix of psychology and numbers.

Many people get jobs based on the results of personality tests. Specifically, this.

1. The Big Five Test of Personality

All of the personality traits will be measured on a continuum in this test. This is done to avoid oversimplification and to put the focus on a person's unique traits.

This test gives you a percentage answer. For instance, the candidate is 50% introverted and 40% outgoing.

2. MBTI test

The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) test comes next. One of the most popular types of personality tests is the MBTI test.

In the MBTI, there are 16 different types of people. Extrovert, intuition, feeling, thinking, and introvert are all parts of a person's personality that can help you figure out one of these 16 types.

3. Personality Test of the EPPS

The next kind of personality test is the EPPS, or the Edward Personal Preference Schedule. This test is meant to show the other side of a person or how they feel.

The results of the EPPS test can be used as a point of reference or a starting point to figure out how motivated someone is. So, companies are using EPPS more and more to find out what kind of person they are looking to hire.

4. The DISC Test of Personality

DISC is actually a tool for figuring out how someone usually acts, not their personality. This test will look at four things: Dominance, Conscientiousness, Steadiness, and Consistency.

Like MBTI, DISC sorts people into one of 12 different profiles. Because of the results, DISC scores were said to be more valid and reliable, but the results did not show what would happen next.

5. The Rorschach Test of Personality

This one test can help you learn more about a person's emotional state. This test is usually for people who have been through trauma, feel anxious, or have any other mental health issues.

Rorschach is a test of personality that is done with ink. Randomly, the ink will be poured or drawn on. You have to answer questions about what the ink looks like and a few others.

6. Personality Test of the SSCT

During a job interview, have you ever been asked to solve a problem by filling in a few blank sentences? If so, it's probably the SSCT personality test or Sack's Sentence Completion Test.

In fact, the SSCT test and the EPPS are both types of personality tests. The SSCT test can also be used to find out how a person is feeling. Most of the time, you'll have to finish 50 sentences based on how you felt or what you were thinking at the time.

7. RIASEIC test

This next personality test is a great way to figure out what kind of job you should get in the future. The real goal of the RIASEIC test is to help you figure out what kind of job you should have in the future.

This test will look at six types of interest: investigative, artistic, entrepreneurial, traditional, social, and realistic. This test is also great for people who just started a new job and aren't sure if it's what they want yet.

There are many personality tests that can help with hiring. Every company is different, but the goal is the same: to learn more about the people who want to work for them.